Is there a gap between who you are sexually, and who you long to be? 

Telling your Sexual Soul Story might be the missing piece.

Your sexual story is important to who you are and how you show up in the world, and it longs to be heard. Sexuality is a oft-forgotten piece of the soul, a space where we are often wounded, and without a compassionate confidant to share with. 


Sometimes all you need to heal is to break the silence. Sometimes all you need to heal is knowing that you're not alone in what you've experienced, that others have made the same choices you have, that you are not broken or beyond repair.

That's why I created Sexual Story Medicine.

This 50-minute video-chat session with me is a space where you can share your story. I'll listen compassionately, ask questions, and stay present with you as you uncloak your experiences around sexuality. If you desire, I'll share resources and practices that will support you in shifting into a new experience.

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Sexual Story Medicine is for you if ...

  • you're hiding anything around your sexuality: a desire, a fantasy, a trauma, an affair, an addiction, a pattern you can't stop, a crisis of identity 
  • you have sexual secrets that you've been afraid to share with anyone else
  • if you have an STD and you don't know how to deal with it or tell anyone
  • there's something around sexuality you haven't forgiven yourself for
  • you want to move into a healthier, more comfortable relationship with your sexuality

On the flip side, Sexual Story Medicine is an opportunity to explore your desires, the sexual experiences you've enjoyed, and what's working for you so far.

About Me

I am not without my own nuanced sexual history; it is part of my life, and it defines me without consuming me. 

I had my first orgasm when I was five years old, and spent a large part of my teens and twenties compulsively chasing orgasm, down all sorts of ill-fated romances, dark alleys, and 4am hookups. I contracted HPV when I was a teenager, and HSV-1 closer to 30. Through two years of porn shop cashiering, and eight years writing copy at an online women's sex toy retailer, it sometimes feels like I've seen, heard, or done just about everything. (And some of these experiences—I wouldn't give them up for the world!)

I'm fairly easeful about sharing these parts of my life. I've come out the other side with grace, forgiveness, and a sense of humor about life's great cosmic joke: our biggest wounding becomes our deepest gift, and the way we help others. 

I became conscious around my sexuality in 2013, and after some hard, deep work (and some beautiful, transcendent experiences), I'm happier and healthier in my sexuality than I've ever been. There's a misconception that healthy sexuality is boring, but it's just the opposite—it can be a glistening faucet of deep pleasure that doesn't leave you with a shame hangover after each experience. 

There is opportunity to heal in every shitty experience—in every drunk one-night-stand, in every all-afternoon porn spree, in every STD conversation not had. 

If this resonates with you, let's talk. Sexual Story Medicine Sessions include coaching, education, practices, and resources for your continued healing. This service is open to all genders and orientations.

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