In-Person Sessions – Somatic Sex Education

Vulva Mapping & Yoni Honoring Sessions

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I offer in-person vulva mapping sessions near Boulder, CO. (What is vulva mapping? Learn more here.) This model includes touch from me to you, in which I stay clothed and wear gloves. Sessions may include education, witnessing, craniosacral holds, energy work, massage, and scar tissue remediation, for the purpose of education and healing. 

Yoni Honoring Sessions focus on un-shaming your yoni, and giving her the experience of care, love, and adornment. This session is for the woman who is unsure about how her yoni looks, performs, smells, etc. Vulva mapping is incorporated, with a stronger focus on normalizing, reclaiming, and loving your yoni.

Rituals, meditation, breath work and/or home practice may be included or suggested in any session.

Your next step: schedule a phone call with me to see if we're a good fit, and we'll schedule a session in my Boulder, CO office. 

Vulva mapping is a space where you can explore the history of your pelvis (from gynecological exams, to sex, birth, trauma, etc.), and to share the stories that are being held there.

It's a space of incredible slowness, rich with opportunity to negotiate consent, and practice your own boundaries. 

It's a space where your yoni can be honored, normalized, and freed from old stories, pain, and shame. It's a space where you can reclaim your body as your own. 

It can also be a place to be curious about your own sexual arousal trajectory: what parts are where, what they do, and how they respond to touch.  

These sessions are amazing for:

  • normalizing your vulva and vagina

  • helping to heal scar tissue and adhesions from birth & trauma

  • learning your natural sexual pacing

  • undoing social conditioning and learned patterns

  • working with numbness, low desire, or pain during sex

  • connecting with and nurturing yourself as a sexual being

Learn more about vulva mapping here, or read client testimonials.


The Boundaries, Consent & Pleasure Package

This four-session package is a slow, gentle dive into your sexuality. 

In our first session together, we'll come to understand your desires and blocks. We'll examine consent and boundaries through embodied exercises that may include touch from me to you. 

In our second session, we'll explore vulva mapping. 

Our third and fourth sessions will be unique to your particular desires and concerns. We may delve into pleasure coaching and practices; we may begin tracking your moon cycles and learn about vaginal steaming; we may find that custom-tailored breathwork and yoni egg sessions are just what you need to continue awakening your sexuality. We will go at your pace, honoring your body and your unique history, to bring you into a more comfortable, alive relationship with your sexuality. 

(4) 90-minute sessions.


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