is one of our most primal, natural, beautiful impulses. 

Yet in our society, we are cut off from our sexuality and life-force. This repression breeds issues like lack of desire, stagnation, addiction, perversion, emptiness, and abuse.  

Coming into contact with your own sexuality, and uncovering what lies underneath the conditioning, can be immensely healing.

At the core, none of us are broken. None of us are beyond repair. 

We just need to shine a light on where we've been, so we can move forward with grace and clarity.

Virtual Sessions – Sexuality & Pleasure Coaching

Sexuality and pleasure coaching are for people who want a deeper connection with themselves, and a healthy, loving relationship with their sexuality. I'm here to help you revel in the delight of your natural sexuality, to support you in taking your power back, and to assist you in living a soulful, erotic life. 

I'm in a rigorous coaching training all of 2018, learning more tools and methods to help you unravel your sexual conditioning and come into a more comfortable, savory, joyful expression of your own sexuality. 

If that feels like a yes to you (and that yes might feel exciting, terrifying, or both!), please fill out an application for coaching below.

Because I am in training, I offer coaching and guidance at a discounted rate, in exchange for experience and testimonials. That doesn't mean the coaching will be any less powerful or transformational—saying yes to this work, to your heart and your power, will open your life to joyful possibility in countless ways.


I am taking my next round of coaching clients in July 2018. If you are called, please fill out an application below!

People come in for coaching because they:

  • have low libido
  • experience very little or no pleasure during sex
  • have no desire for their partner
  • don't know what to ask for, or how to ask for it, from a lover
  • have sex for reasons other than pleasure or connection
  • have fantasies that disgust or scare them
  • are addicted to porn
  • suffer shame around an STD
  • want to orgasm in new and different ways
  • know there's something more, or sacred, to sex, but they can't quite figure out how to get there
  • are stuck in their heads during sex, and want to get more into the sensations and feelings
  • feel uncomfortable with their sexuality or desires


After our sessions, you'll experience: 

  • a stronger sense of acceptance for yourself and the life you've lived
  • a felt understanding of what brings you pleasure
  • the ability to feel more sensation and pleasure in your body
  • an ability to ask for what you want from both life and sex
  • a sense of healthy, balanced desire
  • less attachment to porn
  • more comfort in your body, and a healthier body image
  • more sacred sex and self-pleasure
  • feelings of more guilt-free turn-on and wholeness


Sessions are 60 minutes long, and conducted via Zoom. I offer packages of three, six and nine sessions.

Want to know more? Fill out the application below. 

Your next steps: 

If you'd like to explore distance coaching, please fill out the following application for a free 30-minute Discovery Call. 

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