I'm Lynn, somatic sexuality coach & creator of Sacral Empowerment.

I'm Lynn, somatic sexuality coach & creator of Sacral Empowerment.

About me and the site:

Hi, I'm Lynn, and I've been in the sexual healing realm for over five years (and before that, I lived a turbulent and intriguing life that you can read about when you sign up for my email list below—I promise, I won't email you often, and it will always be interesting when I do). 

I consider myself a warrior for love, and for anyone who isn't experiencing the bliss of a healthy, vibrant, unfettered sexuality. What do I mean by unfettered sexuality? I mean a sexuality that isn't suffocating underneath the layers of conditioning that are handed to us by our families, religion, and society at large.

Sexuality, the energy of creation, is vital to our experience. Our culture shames this inherent, natural energy. Yet when we can pleasure ourselves, when we know we are worthy, when we shed the shame, when we stop needing external validation and stimulation, we come into our true power.

Empowered people are dangerous. We change the world.

In this space I offer musings and teachings on sexuality, spirituality, and energy. You'll also find tangents on money, power, creativity, and relationship. Nothing goes untouched, no dark corner goes unswept.

I have been called a radical priestess in the art of unshaming, a lantern bearer in the darkness, a sacred connector, a sexual disney princess, and a lover of the divine (obviously by some pretty amazing, poetic people). I seek to uphold these aspects of my soul through my work, and through the ways I serve you. 

I'm here to help you revel in the delight of your natural sexuality, to support you in taking your power back, and to assist you in living a soulful, erotic life. 

I am currently in a 600-hr training to become a sexuality and empowerment coach, and I do in-person yoni healing sessions near Boulder, CO. Learn more here.